Sconfinando (Beyond Borders) is a Culture Association established to enhance both the social and environmental value of the region. We operate in beautiful Tuscany that offers so much to be rediscovered. Sconfinando envisions travelling as an experience, an exchange and a maturing process to absorb and to pass on to others.
Our proposals vary from exploratory excursions of the territory to cultural itineraries and from thematic routes to didactic projects all of which are carried out in total respect of an ethical standpoint regarding tourism with a special awareness of its impact on the diffusion and knowledge of the artistic, naturalistic and archtectural value of the Tuscan countryside.

Sconfinando's places and paths We want to re-discover the off-the-beaten-track Tuscany. Our hikes, walks, cultural avents and visits are the perfect way to experience our so beautiful, and full of amazing places, country.

Sconfinando’s Philosophy is that our region is an organism that merits our utmost respect. We believe in tourism that doesn’t disrupt the territory, leaving no physical traces behind us but taking only wonderful memories.

Ethical Eco-Tourism a new and diverse awareness of the environment has become necessary. Sconfinando proposes a sustainable tourism so as to be the best possible guests of our marvelous region.

Dedicated to Schools We believe that a didactic approach is fundamental for what we propose and intend to incourage in young people and part of our projects is to involve schools throughout the region.


Yoga & Nature Our surroundings bring with it a renewed awareness of ourselves, of our bodies, of our whole being. Yoga and meditation help us to be at one with nature.

Rediscovering traditions Looking back to our history and traditions does not mean to be nostalgic nor sad. In the past we can find many answers of what we are today, and trying not to loose our traditions and stories.

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Slow-walk in Tuscany

Sconfinando wishes to rediscover the art of travelling on a more human scale by learning to savor the trip as a melange of places, colors, flavors, sensations and personal encounters. We would like to reveal a world of local traditions and folklore as well as cultural roots which are far from the classic tourist destinations; the discovery of of unusual territory made up of faces, words and sensations

Travel is not just vacation but experience

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